Brian Parker (HellCat)

1240 RWHP- BES built fully forged short block, CNC Ported heads, 17psi boost, TH400 Trans Lock up Convertor Nitrous Outlet Plate System, ChickenHawk Motorsports Tuned


Thomas Jones (SnowWhite)

1105 RWHP- CHM Fully Built Short Block, Ported heads, Turbo Cams, Custom Twin Turbo System, TH400 Trans Unlocked Converter, ChickenHawk Motorsports Tuned


Landon Helm (EBay Bandit)

1047 RWHP-347sbf, ported heads, Turbo Cam, Custom Turbo Kit CHM 80mm Billet Wheel Turbo, TKO900 Trans E85 fuel, ChickenHawk Motorsports Tuned

*Knocking on 1000 HP CLUB DOOR*


Cliff Linne (PawPaws 300)

976 RWHP-Forged Stroker 6.1L Hemi, Ported Heads, Mild Cam, Built Trans, Built Rear, CHM Custom Single Billet Wheel 80mm Turbo System,E85 fuel (RANOUT OF FUEL PUMP), ChickenHawk Motorsports Tuned

Customer projects


Craig Stevenson

ChickenHawk Motorsports Single 76mm Turbo system, Stock Motor, Daily Driven 

508HP @ 7PSI


David Mounce

ChickenHawk Motorsports Single 76mm Turbo system, E85 Fuel System, Haltech ECU. Stock Motor

517HP @ 11PSI 


Tommy Jones

ChickenHawk Motorsports Single 76mm Turbo System, Fully Built short block, Stage 3 Ported Heads, TH400 Trans, E85 Fuel System, Built 9'' Rearend.

817 HP @ 18PSI


Cliff Cline

ChickenHawk Motorsports Twin 67mm Turbo System, Fully Built Motor, Built Trans, E85 Fuel System 

842HP @ 12PSI


Tyler Switzer

ChickenHawk Motorsports Single 76mm Turbo System, Fully Built Short Block, E85 Fuel system, Converter 

1151HP @ 21PSI


Jordan Thompson

10 point Mild Steel Cage with Upgraded Funny Car Cage and Door X Brace.


Zack Miller

Zack brought us his 5.0 Mustang and he had already purchased an On3 Turbo Kit before he found out that we built Custom kits, We installed his turbo kit but ended up making a bunch of modifications  to his kit. We also ended up puting more Bolt ons on his car while we had it apart.


Brad Jameson

This is one of the original cars that brought us into the Dodge Market, We have built abunch of Carbon Fiber Speciality Parts for this car and now we have started selling the parts we have made for his car. Then we Decided one day that it needed Turbo'd so we built our first ever Turbo Kit on  a dodge. 

528HP @ 8PSi 


Steve Campanelli

2016 Dodge Challenger R/T Daily Driven, Vortech Blower Set up, Forged Pistons/Rods, Cog Belt Upgrade, Tial BOV Upgrade, Meth Injection Port Upgrade

487HP @ 8PSI 


Alex Nusz

Alex Brought us his Mustang Fox Body Coupe that had and LS Engine In it for one of our Custom turbo Kits. We ended up doing a front mount turbo set up and we also done a Rear mount radiator set up on it to make sure that we had enough room for the turbo kit. once he gets all the interior installed and finishes up the body work it will come back to us for a complete Haltech ECU system and we will wire the complete car. 


Landon Helm

Landon is one of our long time customers we have worked on all his cars for a few years now. We have recently been working on doing a custom turbo set up on his 93 Mustang Coupe. Once we get the turbo set up all complete we will be doing some Cage work. Then we will be doing a complete wiring job and installing a Haltech ECU then we will be ready for the Track.


Landon Helm

We installed one of our own CHM Turbo set ups on and dyno tuned it. it made over 900 RWHP before we stopped for now. We are currently Installing a 10Pt Roll Cage in it to help keep the car braced up and Safe. 


Dennis Hays

Dennis called us about Putting a Cage into his Dodge Magnum. We ended up doing a 10PT Chrome Moly Cage. Once Dennis Gets the car all back together it will be coming back for some more work. 


Michael Fissel

CHM Custom Twin Turbo Setup with some added Bonus Features like the Custom Headlight Air Inlets, Meth Injection Set up, and Custom Crash Bar. This Kit Features 6766 Turbos, Turbo Smart Wastegates and Turbo Smart Blow Off Valve.  


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