About Us



ChickenHawk Motorsports started back in 2007 as Thomas/Tommy Jones promod race team, and in 2012 Thomas decided that he wanted to take his love for fast cars and start his own business. Thomas has been involved in racing and working on cars since he was just a young kid watching and learning from his dad who was crew chief on a 2 time IHRA prostock champion car. 


Owner: Thomas Jones

The shop owner and man who makes it all happen, Thomas is the man responsible for creating and maintaining all things at ChickenHawk Motorsports.  Thomas has been fabricating cutting-edge machines for over a decade, and is the brains behind the operation, much of his energy is spent ensuring the Customers are happy at the end of their project. Thomas grew up racing JR dragsters and then went from JRS straight to a PRO Nitrous 67 camaro. Thomas has drove and tuned everything From NA cars, Nitrous cars, Supercharged cars, and Turbo cars. Ranging from street cars to Pro Dragradial Cars to Promods. 


Performance Parts: Craig Stevenson

Craig has been with us for a year now and he is a huge asset to us here at ChickenHawk Motorsports. His attention to detail installing parts or wiring makes him a intergal part of ChickenHawk Motorsports. Craig has been involed with Fast cars and Motorcycles for as long as Thomas has known him so he decided to hire him to help with all our customers needs.


Family: Biggest Supporters

Kortney Jones: Wife

Blakley: Oldest Daughter

Levi: Oldest Son

Bristol: Youngest Daughter

Brantly: Youngest Son


Tommy Jones: Best Dad Ever

None of this would be possible if it wasn't for Tommy. He has been the person who has always been by Thomas's side helping him learn and push him in everything he does. Tommy started Thomas out racing JR Dragsters at the age of 6 and they traveled the country racing and then when thomas was 15 Tommy started building him his first promod. Thomas jokes a lot about saying his dad has spent a fortune for him to learn everything he has involving cars but Tommy says he wouldn't have done it any other way.