Services we offer

Dyno Tuning


Ever wonder how much Horse Power and Torque you car/truck is making? We have a DnyoJet 224XLC that can handle up to 2000HP and 200MPH!  Have you installed aftermarket parts and wanting to make sure your car is running at its full potential? We will be glad to help by giving your vehicle a custom tune using SCT tuners, HPTuners, or any stand alone ECU systems.  

Custom Turbo Kits


Want a Single or Twin Turbo set up that is something different that not many peope have? We offer full Custom Turbo kits built just for your vehicle and to the specs you want. Every Kit is built specifically for your application so if you want a starter kit to just gain a little horsepower or a full blown race set up we have you covered.

Engine Builds/ Wiring


With over 12 years experience of building high performance engines we can build your weekend crusier engine or all out race engine. We also are now offer Machine shop and head/intake porting.

Need your racecar completely wired? We can assist! We do complete custom wiring just for the componets you need.

On Track Tuning


Having issues at the track? We will be glad to come to the track with you and help you get your vehicle lined out. Anything from street cars to promods we have the experience with NA engines, Nitrous, Superchargers, and Turbo applications.

Welding/Metal Fabriaction


No matter what material you have we can weld it up for you- stainless, steel, aluminum, and titanium. Mig, Tig, or Stick we can do it all. Need something welded that you cant bring to the shop? We offer on site welding as well! Just call us and we can come to you! 

Need a special part fabricated? We would be Glad to help just let us know what is needed our shop has all the correct fabriation tools for making just about anything.

Racecar Chassis/Complete Cars


Need a Roll Cage added to your vehicle? We can do Mild Steel or Chrome moly, whether its just a 6 point cage or you want a full tube chassis racecar we have a chassis Table/Jig. We can do Rollers to Complete cars ready to take to the track.